The Best Family Outing Destinations for Summer 2017! (Part 1) 2017 年夏季最佳家庭旅遊目的地第一章

1. Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre 一、迪欣湖活動中心

inspiration lake disneyland hong kong

The Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre is a 12-hectare artificial lake located in Penny’s Bay on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. The lake opened on August 16th 2005, and is a separate construction to Hong Kong’s Disneyland Park. Entry is free, but payment is required should you decide to rent a boat or bike for the day. Or why not kickback with the family and enjoy a wonderful picnic in Hong Kong’s summer sunshine?






2. Tai Po Waterfront Park 二、大埔海濱公園

Tai Po Waterfront Park Hong Kong Family

Another popular destination for families in Hong Kong to enjoy this summer! Tai Po Waterfront Park is located in Tai Po in the New Territories of Hong Kong. It occupies an area of 22 hectares and is the largest park managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). The park opened in 1994 and was completed in 1997. It is an annual tradition for the Tai Po Dragon Boat Race to be held in the sea off the park. Popular activities include picnics, a Gateball Court, Spiral Lookout Tower, Children’s Playground, Kite-flying, an Insect House, Model Boat Pool, and Bowling Greens to name a few! There is something for everyone at Tai Po Waterfront Park, take your family there and enjoy the outdoors together 🙂

另一個受香港家庭歡迎的場所 ── 大埔海濱公園!大埔海濱公園位於香港新界大埔。佔地面積22公頃,是由康樂及文化事務署(康文署)管理的最大公園。該公園於1994年開放,並於1997年完成。大埔龍舟競賽每年都會在公園堤畔舉行。熱門活動包括野餐、門球場、香港回歸紀念塔、兒童遊樂場、風箏放飛區、昆蟲屋、模型船水池、草地滾球場等等。大埔海濱公園內適合一家大小參與,快帶着您的家人到戶外玩耍:)


Various Facility Opening Hours:



3. Pak Tam Chung Family Walk 三、北潭涌家樂徑

pak tam chung family walk hong kong

Are you all about being active and healthy? Then the Pak Tam Chung Family Walk is the perfect place for you and your loved ones! Located in the southern part of the Sai Kung Peninsula in the New Territories, the most common way to reach Pak Tam Chung is by bus. There is a visitor centre for nature education set up by the Hong Kong Government, in addition to barbeque spots and hiking trails. As this is labelled as a “family walk”, the trail is considered to be low in difficulty – perfect for the whole family! With a total distance of 1.4km (roughly 45 minutes to complete), walkers enter a lush valley of dense bamboo strands and streamside shrubs.



Transportation Options 交通

Kowloon Motor Bus 九巴

  • Route #94 –Sai Kung Bus Terminus <-> Wong Shek Pier
  • 94號線 ── 西貢巴士總站 < – > 黃石碼頭
  • Route #96R –Diamond Hill MTR Station <-> Wong Shek Pier (Sundays and Holidays only)
  • 96R號線 ── 鑽石山地鐵站 < – > 黃石碼頭(星期日及節日運行)

Citybus 城巴

Green Minibus 小巴

  • Route #7 –Sai Kung Minibus Terminus <-> Hoi Ha
  • 7號線 ── 西貢碼頭 < – > 海下
  • Route #9 –Sai Kung Minibus Terminus <-> Lady Maclehose Holiday Village
  • 9號線 ── 西貢碼頭 < – > 麥理浩夫人渡假村





4. Hong Kong Wetland Park 四、香港濕地公園

hong kong wetland park pui pui crocodile

Hong Kong Wetland Park is a conservation, education, and tourism facility located in Tin Shui Wai. It was to be an ecological mitigation area for the wetlands lost due to Tin Shui Wai New Town development. Visitors can enjoy a 60-hectare Wetland Reserve, including themed exhibition galleries, a theatre, a souvenir shop, an indoor play area (swamp adventure) and a resource centre. Perhaps one of the most popular attractions at the park is Pui Pui, the resident celebrity crocodile. Since August 2006, she has resided in her new landscaped enclosure and can be easily viewed by the public. Additionally, there are other tourists spots nearby including  Yuen Long Town Centre, Ping Shan Heritage Trail, Lau Fau Shan, Ha Pak Nai, Kat Hing Wai Walled Cillage, and Tai Fu Tai Mansion to name a few. Tickets will cost you HKD$30 per adult, HKD$15 per child, and is free for any children under the age of 3.

香港濕地公園是位於天水圍的保育、教育及旅遊設施。其所處的土地原本擬用作生態緩解區,以彌償因天水圍的都市發展而失去的濕地。遊客可享受約60公頃的濕地保護區,包括主題展覽廊、放映室、禮品店、餐廳及室內遊戲區。也許在公園最受歡迎的景點之一是貝貝之家。自2006年8月起,貝貝的新居設有園景秀麗的水池,市民有空可前去探訪。此外,附近還有元朗市中心、屏山文物徑、流浮山、下白泥、吉慶圍、大夫第等景點。門票每位成人HK $ 30,每位兒童HK $ 15,3歲以下的小童可免費使用。


Opening hours:



5. Hong Kong Gold Coast 五、香港黃金海岸

hong kong goldcoast family outing

Hong Kong’s Gold Coast area is home to multiple shops contained within the iconic Gold Coast Piazza in addition to multiple hotels, providing Hong Kongers with the perfect opportunity to get away for a relaxing weekend. Take your family shopping, eat out at the local seafood restaurants, or have a barbeque and cook your own food! End the day on a perfect note with a calming swim at the Golden Beach.




Gold Coast Piazza –

Golden Beach –

網站: 黃金海岸廣場 ──


6. Hong Kong Science Museum 六、香港科學館

hong kong science museum

See if your child has a passion for science early on! The Hong Kong Science Museum is the perfect place for your family to hang out this summer, and with over 500 exhibits to look at, you will definitely keep yourselves busy! The most popular exhibit for kids to look at would be the computer area, a real (but stationary) car that allows visitors to attempt a driving simulation, and a small life-sized aircraft for a flight simulator experience. The most prominent exhibit is the 22m high twin tower Energy Machine, the largest of its kind in the world. Approximately 80% of the exhibits are interactive, in order to encourage effective and efficient learning among visitors. From the 2nd of June 2017 all the way until the 18th of October 2017, visitors can marvel at a new exhibition known as “Eternal Life: Exploring Ancient Egypt”, and get to see what life was like back in the days of the pyramids and pharaohs through Egyptian mummy displays, courtesy of the British Museum.


場館內設有大約80%的互動展品,以鼓勵訪客之間有效和高效的學習。由2017年6月2日至2017年10月18日,遊客可以到場欣賞「香港賽馬會呈獻系列:永生傳說 - 透視古埃及文明」的新展覽,看看由大英博物館提 供的六具埃及木乃伊。


Egyptian Mummy Display:



We hope you enjoyed part 1 of our list of top destinations for you and your family in Hong Kong this summer, stay tuned for part 2!


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