The Best International Primary Schools In Hong Kong! 香港最佳國際小學

Are you ready for the top 5 international primary schools in Hong Kong? Today we will have a look at what we think are the best in the Pearl of the Orient, in alphabetical order!

你準備好入讀香港五大國際小學了嗎? 到底這顆小小的東明之珠內藏着哪幾間瑰寶(排名不分先後)!


1. Chinese Academy (CA) 一、晉德學校(CA)

ICA Chinese Academy Hong Kong School

Having just opened their primary school section in October 2017, Chinese Academy is fresh on the education scene, yet boasts an impressive team and overall direction for their students in Hong Kong. Chinese Academy is managed and run by Norton House Education and International Chinese Academy Education Foundation (ICAEF), and a kindergarten section is being opened in 2018, while a secondary section will be added in 2020. The school places a strong emphasis on Confucian beliefs and values while maintaining a bilingually immersive learning environment for pupils (English and Chinese). Visit and for more information.

晉德學校於二零一七年十月開放小學課程,在教育界別樹一幟,全因擁有卓越的教學團隊和整體辦學方向。 晉德學校由諾德教育和晉德學院教育基金(ICAEF)進行管理和營運,該校將於2018年開設幼稚園部門,2020年將增設中學課程。學校強調儒家信仰和重視學生雙語發展(英文和中文),致力建構完善的學習環境。了解更多,請瀏覽


2. Chinese International School (CIS) 二、漢基國際學校(CIS)

CIS chinese international school hong kong

Chinese International School (CIS) is a private coeducational school, providing education for students from their pre-K to grade 13 years. Their bilingual programme is taught in Chinese and English, with over 30 nationalities represented at the school. CIS is also a member of the G20 Schools Association.

漢基國際學校(CIS)是一所私立學校,為學生提供幼稚園至中學教育。 該校雙語課程以中文和英文授課,讓來自 30多個國藉的學生修讀。 漢基也是G20學校協會的成員。


3. German Swiss International School (GSIS) 三、德瑞國際學校

GSIS german swiss international school hong kong

German Swiss International School (GSIS) was established in 1969, initially with a view of educating the children of German and Swiss families in a bilingual setting of German and English. The official primary curriculum of the “English Stream” offers English/Language, Mathematics, General Studies, Learning Technology, Music, Physical Education, Science, Religious Studies, German, and Chinese.

德瑞國際學校(GSIS)成立於1969年,最初是以德語和英語的雙語制教育來自德國和瑞士家庭的孩子。 英語為的小學課程的官方語言,該校教授數學、通識教育、學習技術、音樂、體育、科學、宗教研究、德語和中文。


4. Independent Schools Foundation (ISF) 四、弘立學院(ISF)

ISF independent schools foundation hong kong

The Independent Schools Foundation is a non-profit bilingual (Putonghua and English) private school in Hong Kong. It is an IBO World School, and offers IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) to its students. The campus is in Cyberport, Pokfulam, Hong Kong. Classes for Grade 1 to 12 are catered for, and students in the Primary Division have a Library and Resource Center, a music room, a dance and drama room, a computer room, an arts and crafts room, a green corner, and a covered play area.

弘立學院是香港的一間非牟利的雙語(普通話及英文)私立學校。 它採用國際文憑組織教育項目,包括:IB中學項目(MYP)。 該校園位於香港薄扶林數碼港,提供 一至十二年級的教學課程。小學部的學生均能享用圖書館、資源中心、音樂室、舞蹈和戲劇室、電腦室、藝術和手工藝室、綠化區和有蓋遊樂區。


5. Yew Chung International School 五、耀中國際學校(YCIS)

YCIS yew chung international school hong kong

Yew Chung International School (YCIS) is an international school for boys and girls between the ages of 6 months to 18 years. The campus is located in Kowloon Tong, and provides a fully rounded international education aimed at shaping students into balanced and responsible citizens. A bilingual environment is also promoted through the use of English and Chinese. Within each kindergarten and primary school classroom, two fully qualified co-teachers, one Western and one Chinese, work together and share all responsibilities relating to the care and education of students in the class. They plan and work together to provide students with a variety of learning experiences and help students develop English and Chinese communication skills in a bi-cultural and fully immersive bilingual environment.

耀中國際學校位於九龍塘,為所有6個月到18歲的本土和外籍人士子女提供全面的國際課程,旨在啟蒙學生成為客觀公正和負責任的公民。 該校致力促進雙語環境,推行雙教師制——由兩名掌握雙語的華籍教師組成,他們會針對學生的學習需求共同制定教學計劃。


Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments below! In fact, why not have a read of The Best Primary Schools In Hong Kong (Local Schools Edition)?



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