The Best Kindergartens in Hong Kong

Kindergartens – one of the first and most difficult things for fresh parents to consider when it comes to their children’s future. How do I know if it’s good? Is the curriculum up to par? What about the teachers? Have a look at this list and see for yourself!


Small World Christian Kindergarten

6) Small World Christian Kindergarten

This kindergarten places emphasis on ensuring children are developed and matured in a well-rounded way. For example, each class contains a daily Putonghua language component as well as providing special education needs. Their team of both internationally and locally trained teachers are equipped to handle your needs.

Annual fees: HKD$42,970

Address: 10 Borrett Road, Central, Hong Kong


Kiangsu & Chekiang Schoo

5) Kiangsu & Chekiang School

Established in 1953 and being one of the most prestigious kindergartens on Hong Kong Island, they are one of the first schools in HK to offer an English-medium curriculum! These are coupled with daily lessons in Putonghua to ensure a high level of linguistic ability. The school also boasts a highly developed and recognised primary section too.

Annual fees: HKD$51,000

Address: 30 Ching Wah Street, North Point, Hong Kong


Yew Chung International Children’s House

4) Yew Chung International Children’s House

Yew Chung International Children’s House currently have two campuses on Waterloo Road and Kent Road in Kowloon Tong. They offer a whole day programme for children between the ages of 3 to 5. It features a bilingual and multicultural programme, following the principles of the recognised framework known as the Practise Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage of England. A unique blend of Western and Chinese educational philosophies is also adopted.

Annual fees: HKD$137,900

Address: 3 Somerset Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong


Island Children’s Montessori Kindergarten

3) Island Children’s Montessori Kindergarten

A curriculum recognised by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). The Montessori Method uses an approach to help children prepare themselves for self-directed learning and personal guidance from professional and specially trained teachers.

Annual fees: HKD$68,000

Address: Dragon View Garden, No. 16, Tin Hau Temple Road, Hong Kong


St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten

2) St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten

Founded in 1970 by Mrs. Christina Lau, St. Catherine’s was one of the first kindergartens in Hong Kong to employ native English speakers to teach English to its pupils. Over the last 45 years, St. Catherine’s has truly earned its reputation and provides high quality teaching as suggested by the motto, “a tradition of excellence”. Additionally, their detailed curriculum merges the academic foundations of Eastern culture with early childhood educational practices from Western culture!

Annual fees: HKD$56,815 – $65,758

Address: St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten, 4-6 Norfolk Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon


braemar hill nursery peterhouse

1) Braemar Hill Nursery School

Braemar Hill Nursey School follows a holistic approach that promotes learning supported by sensory stimulation while encouraging all aspects of a child’s development. Children are encouraged to build up their sense of identity as well as self-esteem.

Annual fees: HKD$82,056

Address: Chun Fai Centre, 9 Chun Fai Road, Jardine’s Lookout, Hong Kong


There you have it! Some of the best kindergartens in Hong Kong. Of course, being considered premium education institutions entails that admission into these areas is far more stringent as opposed to other schools. Stay tuned for other top kindergarten information, parenting, and admission tips from our Admission Experts! Visit for more information!



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