Common Interview Mistakes & How to Overcome Them 常見的面試失誤和如何克服它們

It’s finally time for your child’s school interview. You’ve prepared as much as you can, and as with anyone when it comes to important situations, you’re feeling a bit worried and anxious as to what could possibly go wrong. Lucky we caught you in good time, as this article will tackle some of the most common interview mistakes and how you can correct them on the spot!



Common Mistake #1: Lacking Eye Contact 常見失誤一:欠缺眼神交流

primary kindergarten interviews skills eye contact important

Make sure your child maintains eye contact with the teacher throughout the interview! Doing so not only demonstrates attentiveness, but also helps create an effective student-teacher relationship. Remind your child before going into the classroom to keep their eyes on the teacher, and to pay attention.

確保您的小孩於面試時能與老師保持眼神交流﹗這樣一來,不單止能展示他的專注力,而且有助建立良好的師生關係。步入課室前,請提醒您的小孩 ── 看着老師和專心。


Common Mistake #2: Not Following Instructions 常見失誤二:不跟從指示

kindergarten primary school interviews follow instructions

Remember that a key aspect of a successful interview is the student being able to respond and react to various instructions. It would be best to practice beforehand by giving your child some simple requests to follow like “please hand me the salt”, or “please sing me the alphabet song”. Then when it’s time for the official interview, you can remind your child to listen and react just like at home.



Common Mistake #3: Shyness 常見失誤三:害羞

kindergarten primary school interview shyness

It is not uncommon for your child to show some shyness, especially when it comes to an interview situation with a teacher and children they have never met before. Prior to the interview, get your child used to the idea of speaking to new people and meeting and greeting others. Don’t forget to remind them that this is the same situation they have experienced at and home and in the classroom for all those weeks prior to this moment, and assure them that nothing is different. Reduce nerves and reduce shyness!



Common Mistake #4: Remember Your Ps and Qs! 常見失誤四:注意禮貌

kindergarten primary interview good manners important

Manners! Another extremely important element of school interviews is being able to demonstrate that you are polite and come from a good background. The best way to instil this habit into your children is with constant reminders in addition to explaining why it is important to be polite. Remind your child to say please or thank you in certain situations (e.g. after you hand him or her a toy), and echo these reminders before the interview!

禮貌!這是另一個極其重要的元素 ── 於面試時,小孩能展示良好態度。最好的方法就是不斷叮囑小孩,及解釋禮貌的重要性;提醒他們常把「唔該」、「謝謝」掛在嘴邊,如:當您給他/她玩具時。面試前,更要反覆提醒!


Common Mistake #5: Not Socialising With Others 常見失誤五:不與他人交際

kindergarten primary school interview skills

This goes hand-in-hand with having good manners. If you want to demonstrate politeness and a willingness to get along with other people, being able to socialise in different situations with different people is key for your child’s school acceptance. Ms. Ho Yee Ha, the Headmistress of Yau Ma Tei Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road), stated, “Personality is the most important thing instead of right answers for school interviews.” Expose your child to various social situations during their admission training in order to enhance their social IQ, and assist them by continually making an effort to talk about their day, how they felt, etc.



Common Mistake #6: Lack of Responses 常見失誤六:欠缺反應

kindergarten primary school interviews no response

Mr. Cheung Chi Hung, the principal of PLK HKTA Yuen Yuen Primary School, mentioned that not willing to answer teachers’ questions during interview would lead to failure. If the interviewer asks a question – even if it is a question you do not know – the worst thing to do would be to stay silent. Unfortunately a lot of kids fail to respond as they are afraid of making a mistake. Reassure your child that it’s okay to make mistakes, and it’s all a part of learning and being able to improve. A total lack of response could suggest multiple things to the interviewer – none of which would be in your child’s favour. So, respond! Don’t worry about being right all the time, take a leap of faith.

保良局香港道教聯合會圓玄小學張志鴻校長曾提及,不願意答老師問題是面試時的「死症」。當面試官問問題時 ── 就算不懂如何回答,也不要沉默以對。不幸地,很多孩子因害怕犯錯而不敢回應。確保您的孩子不怕作出錯誤,這一切都是學習和改進的必經階段。完全欠缺反應是不會對您的孩子有利。所以,回應!不必擔心,放手一搏!


Common Mistake #7: Lack of Colour Awareness 常見失誤七:缺乏色彩意識

kindergarten primary school colour awareness interviews

Practice your colours! This is one of the most common interview questions for children, so ensure you practice the identification of colours! Don’t only rely on traditional classroom methods for effective learning, casually mention various colours in your everyday conversation – you should ask them to point some out too!

多作色彩訓練﹗這是入學面試中最常見的一環,所以務必預先教導孩子如何分辨各種顏色﹗不要只依賴傳統教學模式,應將色彩訓練融入日常生活 ── 您更可以讓孩子指出個別顏色﹗


Follow these 7 steps and remain calm for your school interviews 🙂 a calm mind is a smart mind.



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