7 Foods that Fuel Your Child’s Concentration for Interviews!

7種食物 為你的孩子面試「加油」!

One of the main worries parents have when it comes to kindergarten or primary school interviews is how their child will behave and act on the day. The best schools in Hong Kong are clearly looking for students that stand out, both in terms of intellect and socialisation skills – things you need concentration for! Watch as your children enjoy these foods and prepare their brains for learning. Please ensure that your child is not allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned in our list!



1. Eggs 雞蛋

Eggs 雞蛋

Eggs are full of high quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. The protein and vitamins are especially essential for the activation of your brain’s processes in the most efficient way. How should do you serve them? A simple scrambled egg placed in-between some slices of wholemeal bread! Simple.



2. Greek Yoghurt 希臘酸奶

Greek Yoghurt 希臘酸奶

Unfortunately, fat gets a bad rep in today’s society. If it has a lot of fat, it must be bad right? Wrong! There is actually a difference between good and bad fats. Bad fats are found in unhealthy food such as pizza and French fries, whereas good fats are found in nuts, olive oil, and Greek yoghurt! These healthy fats are important for brain health, as they provide nutrients that keep your brain cells firing rapidly. Simply serve your child some Greek yoghurt with a bit of honey – beautiful!



3. Greens 蔬菜

Greens 蔬菜

Vegetables, especially spinach and kale, are linked to sustaining brain health. Kale is considered to be a super food, packed full of antioxidants and other essential elements such as vitamin B6, calcium, potassium, vitamin E, and protein. Spinach is especially rich in iron, an important factor when it comes to the insulation of your brain’s neural axons! Add the vegetables to smoothies, lasagne, or even make kale chips! Whatever you do, don’t serve your child a salad and expect them to enjoy it.



4. Fish

Fish 魚

A great source of vitamin D and omega-3s! These nutrients have been proven to protect the brain from declining mental skills and memory loss. How to serve it? Tuna sandwiches of course!

魚是維生素D和omega 3s的重要食物來源,這些營養可以防止大腦記憶力減退。怎樣食用?當然是製成好味的吞拿魚三明治!


5. Nuts and Seeds 堅果

Nuts and Seeds 堅果

Packed with protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, nuts boost your mood and keep your nervous system in check! This is of course the perfect excuse to eat peanut butter, but make sure it’s organic!



6. Oatmeal 燕麥

Oatmeal 燕麥

Protein and fibre-rich, oatmeal is guaranteed to keep your heart and brain arteries clear. Replace the sugary cereal with oatmeal, and watch your child’s focus and memory improve drastically!



7. Apples & Plums 蘋果&梅子

Apples & Plums 蘋果&梅子

It’s a no-brainer that kids often crave sweet food. This is exactly why you should keep apples and plums in a lunchbox for when your kids are feeling sluggish! Apples and plums contain quercetin, an antioxidant that could prevent a decline in mental skills. Don’t forget to wash the fruit before you serve it!




We hope you enjoy this list and put it to use when it’s your turn to pack your child’s lunchbox! Keep them healthy, alert, and aware with these recommended foods. For more information about your child’s health, why not come along to our event on October 16th, where Mr. Wong from The Adventist Hospital (Peterhouse’s Strategic Health Partner) will be sharing his insights with parents. Call 3955 8045 to book your spot now, or visit www.peterhouse-preschool for more information!

希望你能夠喜歡這張清單,並且真的會為孩子烹飪這些食物,讓孩子可以保持健康與活力!如果作為家長的你,希望了解更多兒童健康常識,並且對兒童健康又所疑問,可以即刻報名參與10月16日Peterhouse舉辦的最新活動,與港安醫院Mr. Wong面對面。撥打3955 8045 預留座位!或登陸www.peterhouse-preschool 瀏覽更多最新消息!

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