Do Omega-3 Fatty Acids Help Your Child’s Social & Mental Development?


Do Omega-3 Fatty Acids Help Your Child’s Social & Mental Development?

Omega-3 oils – we’re always told how important they are for us adults, but have you ever wondered about the benefits these essential fatty oils can have on your child’s development? Psychology researchers from the University of Pennsylvania published their findings on the impact of omega-3s on child health in The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

我們都知道Omega-3對成人健康至關重要,而你是否考慮過,它亦都是兒童健康成長中必不可少的脂肪油?來自University of Pennsylvania的心理研究院最新發布omega-3對兒童健康心理與精神影響的論文。


So…how exactly can you include more omega-3s in your child’s diet? Thankfully it’s all rather simple:

  • Give your child food like salmon, tuna, avocado, and seeds! These are naturally high in omega-3 and provide a good boost
  • Introduce your child to pure oils – give them a salad dressed with flaxseed oil, walnut oil, wheat germ oil, or canola oil!
  • Always double check whether a particular food item has high omega-3 content, things such as tofu and kale may surprise you!

While omega-3s may not be the sole answer to excellent childhood development, it certainly is a big piece of the puzzle.


  • 讓小朋友吃三文魚,吞拿魚,牛油果和種子類食品,這些食物都含有很高的Omega-3
  • 小朋友多實用純油,例如亞麻仁油,胡桃木油,小麥胚芽油或菜籽油沙律。
  • 一定要再次確認,食物中是否含有較多Omega-3,豆腐和橄欖菜都有含量驚人喔!



To investigate whether or not omega-3s truly play an important role when it comes to your child’s development, 290 children between the ages of 11 and 12 years old were randomly divided into four groups by the psychology researchers. After 3 months, the group of children receiving high doses of omega-3s experienced a decrease in aggressive behaviour compared to the children without any omega-3 increase.



So what does this mean? Not only do omega-3 oils play an important role and provide your child with the same benefits experienced by adults, but omega-3 oils also play a significant role in reducing aggression levels. Some of the additional benefits of omega-3 rich diets include:

  1. Improve lung function
  2. Lower inflammation
  3. Improve eye health
  4. Promote brain health during early childhood
  5. Improve bone & joint health


  1. 提升心肺功能
  2. 降低炎症發生機率
  3. 保障眼部健康
  4. 提升幼兒腦部健康
  5. 維持骨骼及關節健康


Go ahead and stock up on fish after you read this article, as such a simple change in your child’s diet will prepare them for the best in life later on! With such amazing benefits as the ones listed above, why shouldn’t you try and get more omega-3s on a daily basis?



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