Children & Rewards: A Parenting Guide

Children & Rewards: A Parenting Guide


Rewards are an effective way for parents to positively reinforce good behaviour. They are also useful when it comes to modifying or correcting negative actions. However, this does not mean you can simply come up with any reward and it will work. As a parent, you must be smart and tactical in your application of and approach to rewards.


For example, extensive research conducted by childhood psychologist and renown paediatricians over the last few decades demonstrates that reward options selected by the child are usually the most powerful and impactful. Furthermore another thing to keep in mind is that a variety of reward possibilities can help keep a child motivated over the course of months, so your newly found way of teaching life’s lessons remains effective with frequently updated potential benefits.


So, what counts as a reward? Well simply put, rewards range from privileges, physical things like toys, to activities with the parents. However, one must remember that these rewards do NOT become a substitute for words of praise and encouragement; rewards are actually most meaningful when they are combined with positive words and affection from parents. These include things along the lines of “you’re really improving”, “you handled that very well”, “good thinking!”, or even “thank you!” Still unsure about reward possibilities? Here are some suggestions!


Home Reward Possibilities for Preschoolers

  • Going to the park
  • Listening to a bedtime story
  • Playing with friends
  • Playing on a swing set
  • Spending the night with friends or grandparents
  • Playing games
  • Going out for ice cream
  • Finger painting
  • Computer time



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