Peterhouse Parents – Most Popular Schools! 彼德學園父母 ── 最受歡迎的學校

Over the years, Peterhouse has kept a record of all AC&A parents’ top school choices when it comes to their children’s education. We would like to share their top 8 preferred school destinations with our loyal readers – welcome to the official “Peterhouse Parent List”!

這些年來,彼德學園一直留有所有AC&A家長選擇頂尖學校的紀錄,特此與大家分享首八間他們心儀的學校 ──「彼德學園父母名單」﹗


8) Good Hope School (Kindergarten) 德望學校(幼稚園)


good hope school

Good Hope is a Catholic school for girls that comprises three sections: kindergarten, primary, and secondary. Good Hope Primary School cum Kindergarten was first established in 1954 at Waterloo Road, then moved to Jat’s Incline in 1965. The school puts an emphasis on the Christian values of Love, Hope, Joy and Thanksgiving. Through a whole school approach, there is an aim to draw out students’ potential and foster a sense of uniqueness for each pupil. All Good Hopers are provided with equal opportunities to develop their spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social, emotional and aesthetic dimensions.



7) Pui Ching Primary School 香港培正小學

pui ching hong kong

Having been around for 128 years, Pui Ching Primary School is recognised as one of Hong Kong’s oldest schools with a rich and traditional history. Students can enjoy an enormous school hall with balcony; lecture hall, indoor sports centre, swimming pool, and table tennis room to name a few. Multiple local celebrities have graduated from Pui Ching, including Mr. Leung Ka Wing (current Director of Broadcasting), and Chung King-fai (renowned Hong Kong artist)!



6) Kau Yan School 救恩學校

kau yan

Established in 1946, Kau Yan School is well-known for its academics and sporting prowess. Some student facilities include a ~3000 sq. ft. covered playground, and ~6000 sq. ft. multi-purpose activity rooms. In terms of sporting ability, Kau Yan stands out for basketball, badminton, and athletics. One of the more prominent changes the school made to its syllabi was being the first in Hong Kong to abandon the TSA exams. Furthermore, the school is known to actively promote STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), phenomenon-based learning, and gifted education.



5) Ling Liang Church Kindergarten 香港靈糧堂幼稚園

ling liang kindergarten

Hong Kong Ling Liang Church Kindergarten is a non-profit and Christian education institution. The main school in Hong Kong was established at the location of former Ling Liang Primary School in 1972. Their founder, Rev. S. K. Chiu and the Chairman of School Board, Elder M. H. Lau invited Dr. Angela Luk, a senior child educator, to establish Hong Kong Ling Liang Church Kindergarten. Dr. Luk eventually became their founding school Principal.



4) Braemar Hill Kindergarten 寶山幼兒園

braemar hill

Braemar Hill Kindergarten was launched in January 1979, with an aim to inspire young children via a creative, motivational, educational and caring experience so that pupils can establish a set of proper core values to carry with them beyond school for the rest of their lives. Braemar Hill believes in nurturing global citizens, and seeks to instil a strong sense of identity and self-esteem in their children.



3) Victoria Kindergarten 維多利亞幼稚園

victoria kindergarten

Founded in 1965 by Ms. Christina Ting Tuk Chee and Mrs. Cecilia Lee Ting Yuk Kuen, Victoria has been providing education to students in Hong Kong for over 5 decades! The school is now comprised of 9 nurseries and kindergartens, 1 primary section and 1 secondary section. Victoria Kindergarten provides IB education for students, and implements a bilingual co-class teaching approach with the aim to strengthen children’s’ bi-literacy and tri-lingual abilities. Through inquiry-based learning, pupils will develop into caring life-long learners with a global vision.



2) ISF 弘立書院


A private, not-for-profit early years educational institution with a strong emphasis on ISF’s core values of Eight Virtues + One. These 8 virtues + one are known as; Ping (balance & equality), Zhong (loyalty & commitment), Xiao (respect & obligation), Ren (compassion & kindness), Ai (love & passion), Li (etiquette & ceremony), Yi (principles & justice), He (harmony & tolerance), and finally Zhi (intelligence & wisdom).



1) St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten 國際英文幼稚園

st catherines kowloon tong

St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten was founded in 1970 by Mrs. Christina Lau Chan. With a firm belief in the importance of language development from an early age, St. Catherine’s was one of the first kindergartens in Hong Kong to employ native English speakers to teach. Over the past forty-five years, St. Catherine’s has earned its reputation and high standing in the community by providing quality early education in line with their motto: “A tradition of excellence”.



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