Preparing Your Child For Primary School 準備好你的孩子上小學了嗎?

Moving from kindergarten to primary school can be a scary thing – especially for your child! But it doesn’t have to be, have a look at some of the best ways you can make this experience a positive one for everyone!


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  1. Talk About What To Expect

Communication is key – spend some time together talking about what a typical day in primary school will be like, and ask your child how they feel! Encourage them to voice out any concerns they may have when it comes to their first day at a “big school”.

  1. 告訴他們你的期望



  1. Attend School Orientation Together

Most schools hold an orientation session before classes officially start. Go together with your child and get a feel for the school – the classrooms, stairs, washrooms, playground, etc. Don’t forget to ask your child what they think during the visit, and to share their feelings. Who knows, you and your child may even meet some new friends along the way!

  1. 陪孩子一起參加宣講會



  1. Attend Bridging Courses Together

One of the main concerns parents have when it comes to changing schools is “will my child be able to cope with the work increase? What about the level of difficulty?” There are multiple ways one can address this concern, but by far the most effective would be to attend special “bridging courses” together with your child. These are tailored courses arranged for your child to ensure that when they eventually come face-to-face with work at a different level, they will feel more comfortable and encouraged to tackle the academic work to the best of their ability. For more information regarding Peterhouse’s bridging courses for pre-nursery and primary 1 students, call us on 3955 8045 or WhatsApp 6381 3885!

  1. 和孩子一同參加建橋課程!

很多家長的普遍擔心都是,“我的孩子可以解決功課的問題嗎,功課難度又如何呢?”而這些問題都並不難解決,更有效率的解決方式,則是陪同孩子參與“建橋”課程,該課程是為學生量身定做,而且課程結束後可以明顯感受到學生的改變!他們將學會處理各種學業上的問題,如果想暸解更多課程訊息,敬請致電3955 8045 或者WhatsApp 6381 3885!


  1. Break Time Tips & Tricks

If a canteen is available at the school, it can be a confusing time for your child. They will need to manage money and make decisions on various purchases, which can be quite daunting. In order to prepare for this, encourage your child to hand money to tellers when making purchases outside of school hours. If you are feeling challenging, ask them to see if they think the received change is correct. You should speak to your child about the process of making purchases at the school canteen before the situation happens, and provide them with a packed lunch in case they find the task too daunting.

      4. 休息時間小技巧!



  1. Talk About Making New Friends

Going to a new school often means saying “see you later” to old friends and “hello” to new ones. Talk to your child about how they can make new friends, and let them know that this is not the end of their current friendships. Especially nowadays where technology makes communication with each other so easy, there is nothing to worry about. You can help set up some events with their pre-school friends to maintain these valuable friendships.

      5. 交新朋友



  1. Do A Trial Transport Run

Whether you are taking a car, bus, train, or walking to school, you should do a dry run together. Take it to the next level and practice waking up early in the morning, and take the reverse journey home!

  1. 試試看跑步回家



  1. Establish Routine

Get your child used to the idea of having to go to bed at a certain time and waking up early for school. Talk about when they should be doing their homework and any restrictions that may be enforced with regards to electronic devices. You can try and implement this routine a month prior to the actual start date of their new school

  1. 建立日常規範



  1. Talk About Safety

Go through the different situations your child may encounter at school which are a threat to safety. Discuss what to do in the event someone makes them feel uncomfortable, talk about fire safety procedures, the dangers of leaving the school grounds and the importance of being with an adult when crossing the road.

  1. 講講安全


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Follow these simple tips and your child will seamlessly integrate into their new school community! Peterhouse would like to take this opportunity to introduce the all-new Chinese Academy Primary School (CAPS)(URL link to:



Chinese Academy is a private primary school, under preparation, jointly established by Confucius Hall of Hong Kong (URL link to and the International Chinese Academy Education Foundation (ICAEF) (URL link to Sharing the same beliefs with Confucius Hall, which has a history of 80 years, the ICAEF (URL to is a visionary organisation aimed at promoting the integration of traditional Chinese culture and global perspectives so as to nurture talents and better the future of humanity. Visit the Chinese Academy website for more information regarding enrolment!

晉德學校是香港私校,由孔聖堂 ( 及晉德書院基金( 共同建立,孔聖堂有超過80年歷史,而晉德書院基金也致力於提升傳統中國文化。敬請瀏覽晉德學校網站,暸解最新入學訊息!


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