A Royal Birth – Literally

Throughout Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, the modern-day royal icon has been attracting attention with her seemingly uncanny ability to maintain her healthy body image. This addresses the common misconception that after pregnancy, a woman’s health is never even close to what it used to be. Peterhouse will explore how Kate Middleton has been able to accomplish this through her diet, exercise, and well-being routines.


Kate suffered from extreme morning sickness, and had to make sure every appropriate adjustment was made to her daily life to ensure her health as well as the baby’s was in the best condition possible.



1) Do Low-Impact Exercise 做輕微運動
Kate was extremely active before her pregnancy, and had to tone down the intensity of her exercise. During the 9 months, she has opted for morning walks, pilates, swimming, and weekly prenatal yoga sessions (for those of you in Hong Kong, check out The Yoga Room!). Once your doctor has given you the okay, you can start to ease into light jogs and more dynamic movements.


2. Eat Clean, Eat Raw 飲食清淡
One resounding feature of Kate’s remarkable health plan was certainly her diet. Her main sources of protein came from lean white meats like codfish, chicken, and turkey. Furthermore, snacking became a quest for dried fruit and nuts and a puree of berries with almond milk! The Duchess also relied heavily on juicing, so get together some organic fruits and vegetables and find your perfect combination for a tasty nutritious drink! Where can you find this in Hong Kong? Green Common of course! Your number one solution for all-natural, all-organic healthy eating choices! Check out their website at www.greencommon.com.
凱特王妃也很注意孕期飲食,蛋白質的主要來源是白肉,比如雞肉,魚肉等。而且,也可以吃一些零食,像是堅果或者杏仁奶等。當然,果汁也是必不可少的!將有機水果和蔬菜混合,製成美味營養果汁,都是一個不錯的選擇。香港哪裡可以找到食材?當然是Green Common!登錄www.greencommon.com可以瞭解更多有關有機天然食品的訊息喔。


3. Lower the Chemical Usage! 降低化學產品的使用!
Although there is no concrete scientific evidence to suggest that spray tanning is dangerous during pregnancy, Kate was not taking any chances! This also applies to other cosmetic products, and some doctors maintain that your baby is especially susceptible to these artificial ingredients during the first trimester.


So what are some safe cosmetics you can use?
a) Shampoo: Nine Natural shampoo
b) Stretch marks/body oil: Bio-Oil
c) Skin cleanser: Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser
d) Moisturiser: Avene Rich Skin Recovery Cream
e) Hair dye: Lush Hair Henna
f) Nails: Zoya Nail Polish (available at A Polish Hong Kong)


a) 洗髮露: Nine Natural
b) 身體油: Bio-Oil
c) 沐浴露: Avene
d) 乳液: Avene
e) 染髮劑: Lush
f) 指甲油: Zoya (A Polish Hong Kong可以購買喔)


Also, for you caffeine-loving soon-to-be mums out there, why not follow in the Duchess’s footsteps and trade in your coffee for a cup of tea or decaf?


With these 3 key concepts in mind, you are sure to experience a healthy pregnancy filled with nutrients and happiness! Visit Peterhouse’s official Child Health Page for more health tips from Adventist Hospital professionals!

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