Is Your Child Ready to Start School? An Expert Checklist


Is Your Child Ready to Start School? An Expert Checklist

Yes, it’s time for that perennial question that many parents agonise over – but then again, who wouldn’t? This question addresses something that goes beyond age, as while your child may be ready to join school age-wise, you must wonder whether they are actually ready to embark on a 13-year journey of education.



At this point, several questions must be running through your minds; will they struggle if I send them to school now? Is it too early? Are they emotionally mature enough? Are they academically ready?



It is commonly believed among education consultants and early childhood experts that the best person to assess school readiness is your child’s preschool teacher. It is also important to consider that school readiness is not solely defined by your child’s ability to read, write, or count. In addition to these points, your child must be ready to thrive as an individual and accept challenges. Therefore, emotional and social maturity are key when it comes to school readiness.



Here is a checklist put together by Kathy Walker (Melbourne education consultant and early childhood expert) for you to take into account when determining whether your child is ready for school or not!

下面列舉一些問題,是由墨爾本幼教專家Kathy Walker設置的,以此判定你的孩子是否適合現在就上學。


  • Can they make an independent decision and follow through on this?
  • 孩子是否可以獨立做出決定並執行?
  • Do they have ideas of their own?
  • 孩子對自己了解嗎?
  • Can they follow two or three instructions at the same time?
  • 孩子是否能同時聽從23個動作指令?
  • Can they move on to new activities easily?
  • 孩子是否可以輕鬆的參與到新的活動中?
  • Do they separate well from their carer?
  • 孩子是否可以離開家長?
  • Do they show interest in other kids?
  • 孩子是否對同伴有興趣?
  • Do they interact with other children?
  • 孩子是否與同伴溝通?
  • Can they recognise and express their feelings and needs?
  • 孩子是否可以認知並表達自己的感受和需求?
  • Can they concentrate on a task?
  • 孩子是否可以專心在一項事物上?
  • How do they deal with frustration?
  • 孩子在遭遇挫折時如何應對?


So, how can you as a parent help your child succeed with these areas of criteria?



  • Reading with your child
  • 和孩子一起閱讀
  • Teaching them songs and nursery rhymes 
  • 教他們唱兒歌
  • Playing with letters and numbers
  • 玩字母和數字遊戲
  • Taking children on excursions
  • 帶孩子郊遊
  • Creating regular opportunities for them to play with their friends and other children
  • 為孩子創造機會與朋友玩


Hopefully this article has helped with your understanding of what it means to be ready for school. You as a parent can facilitate this adventure your child is about to undertake for at least the next 13 years of their life! Visit for more information!



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