Which Eggs Are Best?

Which Eggs Are Best? 什麼蛋才是最好的?

Have you ever found yourself standing in the supermarket, confused as to which eggs are the best to buy for your health? Follow this guide and you can make the best choice as to which are more advantageous for you!



Unfortunately, many people are misled by labels when it comes to supermarket eggs. When people see “free-range” they automatically assume the quality of egg has to be better as the chicken has been treated more humanely and had access to the outdoors.



Think again! According to the law, “free-range” doesn’t really mean anything. Healthy eggs are a result of the hen having consistent access to the outdoors, sunlight, natural food, and green grass. However, the label “free-range” guarantees none of this.



In fact, a “free-range” label can be warranted if the hen had access to as little as 5 minutes of outdoor activity a day. The hen may not even choose to go outside and if it does, there are no natural nutrients or grass available.



Even “organic” labels can only ensure that the chicken was fed organic feed as opposed to antibiotic-riddled nutrition. However, they could still have had no access to the outdoors and unnatural feed.



So which eggs are best? Pastured eggs are definitely way to go when it comes to health benefits. You can get pastured eggs from a real farmer, whose chickens have lived their entire lives outside, basking in the sun and eating natural food. Pastured eggs have been proven to have:



  • 1⁄3 less cholesterol 低於1⁄3 的膽固醇
  • 1⁄4 less saturated fat 低於1⁄4 的飽和脂肪
  • 2⁄3x more vitamin A 高於2⁄3維生素A
  • 2x more omega-3 fatty acids 高於2倍的OMEGA-3
  • 3x more vitamin E 高於3倍的維生素E
  • 7x more beta carotene 高於7倍的胡蘿蔔素
  • 4 – 6x more vitamin D 高於4 – 6倍的維生素 D


Unfortunately, it is not easy finding pastured eggs in Hong Kong, but perhaps one of the healthiest eggs available for purchase can be found through Ecocert Eggs Hong Kong! Stay tuned for our upcoming cooking event where Mr. Wong, Head of Dietetics at The Adventist Hospital will be more than happy to discuss which eggs you should be eating. This event comes courtesy of Peterhouse and our Strategic Health Partner, The Adventist Hospital.

不過這樣的健康蛋類在香港可不那麼容易買到,不過透過Ecocert就簡單多啦!敬請隨時關注港安醫院與Peter House合作的更多新活動,為你解讀最健康蛋類的營養密碼!

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