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The Most Up-To-Date Health Information For Your Child

As part of Peterhouse’s mission to ensure your child receives the best possible learning experience, health is something that we at Peterhouse believe must be finely honed to accommodate this. The Adventist Hospital has teamed up with Peterhouse International Preschool as a Strategic Health Partner, with the aim of spreading awareness to parents around Hong Kong. Health is an important aspect when it comes to the physical and intellectual development of your child, and should not be forgotten.


Nutrition is arguably a commonly overlooked topic in Hong Kong, with several individuals failing to understand the very basics of good health. Actually several parents wonder why your child’s health is so important when it comes to interviews, here are some simple reasons:

  • Boost concentration & attention levels

  • Boost IQ naturally

  • Encourage sociability

  • Enhanced motor and sensory skills

  • Improved energy levels

Strategic Health Partner:



In order to achieve this, Peterhouse hosts complementary events for families in Hong Kong, featuring health experts from world renowned institution, The Adventist Hospital. Join Peterhouse on a journey of education where the best health experts in Hong Kong answer any questions you may have regarding the development and well-being of your child!


Why not have a look at our first series of events with The Adventist Hospital and their Department Head of Food & Dietetics, Mr. Wing Wong!


“For more specific health-related information and tips, have a look at some of our blog posts! In the Well-Being section of our Baby Blog, we explore various questions and topics that fresh parents have when it comes to the health and well-being of their new born baby. We also have some tips for soon-to-be parents!


“Omega-3s are essential to the development of your child” – Mr. Wong


“There are specific foods that can certainly help your child’s concentration levels” – Mr. Wong


It is best if healthy snacks which enhance cognitive ability are provided to your kids!” – Mr. Wong


“You would be surprised at what counts as a “free range” egg nowadays…” – Mr. Wong


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