Bright Minds

Peterhouse International Preschool offers a fun and dynamic class environment that cannot be taught at home.

Bright Minds (10 – 18 Months)

Foster the Foundation of a Child’s Capability

In order to foster the foundation of a child’s capability and fundamental abilities, it is important to help them achieve the abilities and uses of their right brain. By simply stimulating and activating the right brain it will help them to achieve noticeable results. Furthermore, Peterhouse’s Bright Minds Programme aims to get children involved and participate, thereby developing confidence and the willingness to take on challenges.


Full-Scale Right Brain Development

Studies have shown that the early development of a child’s right brain increases one’s chances of obtaining a photographic memory. Peterhouse International Preschool offers programmes that are best taken during the most optimal period from infancy throughout elementary school age, where your child will develop their “fundamental abilities”. Through a full-scale right brain development method, we create an environment to fully draw out our students’ full potential. To fully develop a child’s right brain, the Peterhouse Academic Team utilise teaching materials that correspond to the appropriate age group. Programmes using such materials can be done at home and can achieve good results to a certain extent. However, far better results can be attained through the most appropriate combination of these materials, and having the right approach in addition to “vision” for class structure and overall learning direction.


Peterhouse International Preschool is accelerating for both the heart and mind

It is based on the philosophy of Italian educator, Dr. Maria Montessori. It allows parents and teachers to teach from their heart and to follow the basic instincts of a child and allowing children to learn through play and discovery. Students are exposed to more sound and vision-based methods of learning, allowing them to independently identify new vocabulary in addition to concepts.


Heart-Based Teaching Philosophy

Peterhouse uses a philosophy based on the heart to teach just about everything to children of all ages, especially at an early stage where the learning window is wide open and the brain is primed for information absorption. The team at Peterhouse also like to base specific teaching materials on certain key times and celebrations of the year, such as Chinese New Year, Christmas, and Easter to name a few. We believe that by doing so, students will be able to learn certain vocabulary more effectively, as real-life examples will be ever-present for them to enjoy all over Hong Kong during the celebrations for these festivals and seasons. It also helps pupils become more worldly and knowledgeable of both their own and other peoples’ cultures and traditions.


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In our Bright Minds Programme, we take skills from Montessori techniques and we’ve also added:

  • Flashcards

  • Vocabulary Picture-word Delivery System

  • Audio Memory Input (Music and Languages)

  • Brain-boosting Exercise

  • Infant Massage

  • Sensory Awareness

  • Math Clustering

  • World Cultures and Geography

  • Whole Word Early Reading Programme

  • Foundational Science Concepts

  • Art Appreciation

  • Poetry

  • Speed Reading Readiness

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