Shining Stars

Peterhouse International Preschool brings out the tremendous power of the right brain at a maximum speed.

Shining Stars (24 – 36 Months)

The Most Independent Learners

Shining Stars students learn to be able to cope with classroom situations without the presence of their parents. This is effective preparation for kindergarten and primary school interviews, as the student’s ability to be able to behave and maintain their mood without the input of a parent will most certainly be assessed. Students will be able to focus their time, attention, and energy to their schoolwork in addition to socialising with other pupils.


Development Through Engagement

Expansion on previous topics as well as the introduction of new ones can be expected in Peterhouse’s Shining Stars Programme. Students will be introduced to new concepts that bring them closer to the wonderful world around them, and encourage them to become more inquisitive and knowledgeable. By constantly engaging pupils, confidence levels are improved and help them shine when it comes to the interview process.


Use and Expand Great Abilities at the Right Time

One common factor included throughout various aspects of Peterhouse’s Shining Stars Programme is a stronger emphasis on HOW and WHY. The exploration of these two seemingly simple questions accomplishes a huge goal – the accelerated development of students’ thinking and explanation skills, and an increased desire to seek further explanation in the future will be induced at a young age.


Heart-Based Teaching Philosophy

Peterhouse uses a philosophy based on the heart to teach just about everything to children of all ages, especially at an early stage where the learning window is wide open.


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In our Shining Stars Programme, we take skills from Montessori techniques and we’ve also added:

  • Flashcards

  • Early Phonics System

  • Vocabulary Picture-word Delivery System

  • Audio Memory Input (Music and Languages)

  • Brain-boosting Exercise

  • Infant Massage

  • Sensory Awareness

  • Math Clustering

  • World Cultures and Geography

  • Whole Word Early Reading Programme

  • Foundational Science Concepts

  • Art Appreciation

  • Speed Reading Readiness

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