Smart Littlies

Building up grammar or systemizing a language is possible in early childhood.

Smart Littlies (18 – 24 Months)

Brings Out “Tremendous Power”

Peterhouse International Preschool brings out the tremendous power of the right brain at a maximum pace. This is achieved through the combination of our professional Academic Team in addition to the use of tailored materials that focus on encouraging rapid mental development. In our Smart Littlies Programme, pupils are encouraged to speak more, especially in complete sentences, in addition to focusing on fine motor skills through interactive classroom projects. Numbers are also introduced while matching exercises become a more common element in classroom activities.


Major Differences Between Infants’ & Adults’ Ways of Learning

Infants and toddlers receive all inputs intuitively and directly. This is the major difference from the way adults learn. For example, children can understand numbers in a logical manner, even if the “concept” or calculation methods have not yet been taught. Consequently, by introducing these concepts to students at an appropriate age and within a suitabe learning environment, there is no doubt a head start will be achieved and lifelong skills will be grasped.


Developing Grammar or “Systemising” a Language is a Possibility in Early Childhood.

These abilities result from an “inspirational right brain”, which can be developed in a much easier manner during early childhood. By encouraging pupils to express themselves in complete sentences, natural grammatical connectives will be more natural and apparent as their speech develops with age. In addition to this, a focus on matching skills encourages pupils to be able to systemise information in a more structured and logical manner, thereby enhancing overall thinking skills.


Expand Great Ability at the Right Time

The reason we at Peterhouse strongly focus on right brain development is due to our desire of wanting to nurture, care for, and develop such unique abilites in a timely fashion. As we have heard for decades, a young child’s brain is like a sponge, and as age becomes an increasing factor, this unique ability to absorb information so easily unfortunately vanishes. The Academic Team at Peterhouse want to intellectually nurture their students to the best of their ability, and this is the perfect time to make the biggest difference.


Heart-Based Teaching Philosophy

Peterhouse uses a philosophy based on the heart to teach just about everything to children of all ages, especially at an early stage where the learning window is wide open.


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In our Smart Littlies Programme, we take skills from Montessori techniques and we’ve also added:

  • Flashcards

  • Early Phonics System

  • Vocabulary Picture-word Delivery System

  • Audio Memory Input (Music and Languages)

  • Brain-boosting Exercise

  • Infant Massage

  • Sensory Awareness

  • Math Clustering

  • World Cultures and Geography

  • Whole Word Early Reading Programme

  • Foundational Science Concepts

  • Art Appreciation

  • Speed Reading Readiness

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