Sponge Learners

Peterhouse International Preschool is accelerating for both the heart and mind.

Sponge Learners (6 – 10 Months)

Learn Through Play & Discovery

The Peterhouse Sponge Learners Course is based on the philosophy of renowned childhood Italian educator, Dr. Maria Montessori. It allows parents and teachers to teach from their heart and to follow the basic instincts of a child, allowing them to learn through play and discovery. At Peterhouse, we believe in allowing children to experience the world with their senses. At such a young age, a child’s senses are heightened and allow them to comprehend the world around them in unique ways. At Peterhouse, our sensory exploration allows children to come into contact with safe and interesting new textures, such as paint, water, different fruits, and kinetic sand to name a few. Contact and simple art-based activities with these materials enhances a child’s fine motor skills in addition to creative potential.


Peterhouse students also engage in interactive song and dance, thereby developing their gross motor skills and allowing the children to exert their energy while simultaneously expressing themselves. The Peterhouse Academic Team also use theme-based flashcards to introduce pupils to simple topics, such as weather, days of the week, colours, and shapes.


Heart-Based Teaching Philosophy

At Peterhouse, we believe the best education is passionate education. Peterhouse programmes utilise an approach based on the heart to inspire and educate children of all ages, especially at such an early stage where young minds are most susceptible to information.


Nurture Your Child

We aim to nurture your child to be a positive, confident and happy learner with a high-functioning memory capacity. These combined elements will enable them to learn at an accelerated pace, and to excel in various aspects of life both now and in the future. Our Sponge Learners Programme incorporates special parent-child bonding aspects, including a unique 15-minute baby massage in addition to an emphasis on eye and physical contact.


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In our Sponge Learner Programme, we take skills from Montessori techniques and we’ve also added:

  • Vocabulary Picture-word Delivery System

  • Audio Memory Input (Music and Languages)

  • Brain-boosting Exercise

  • Infant Massage

  • Sensory Awareness

  • Math Clustering

  • World Cultures and Geography

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