Phonemics Awareness

We offer an integrated language arts programme that enhances the development of language skills

Phonemics Awareness
(24-36 Months)

At Peterhouse International Preschool, our philosophy is to develop each child’s language ability to the fullest. We offer an integrated language arts programme that enhances the development of all language aspects that allow for truly effective communication of English (listening, speaking, reading and writing).


Our fun and unique programmes, together with our exciting cast of teachers, promote language awareness effectively. We’ve created a perfect environment for our students’ daily language immersion. As we stimulate your child’s interest in learning through multi-sensory play, stories and rhymes, they will also gain knowledge across the curriculum about mathematics, drama, art, music and movement.


Students are able to work at their own pace and progress from simple to complex phonetic elements to become successful readers. With a structured developmental path that focuses on communication, blending, and enunciation, our pupils are honed to identify and comprehend more complicated sounds across the English language. Students apply phonetic knowledge from provided workbooks to read decodable storybooks, and then demonstrate comprehension abilities through the use of our accompanying materials. The Jolly Phonics stories nurture early literacy development, encourage reading interest, and build new readers’ self-confidence while applying phonetic lessons to relevant context.

Our Phonemics Awareness Programme Develops:

  • Phonetic & Overall Reading Ability
  • Advanced Spelling Capabilities
  • Blending Skills
  • New Vocabulary Acquisition


We Provide the Following Types of Resources:

  • Reading & Handwriting Workbook
  • Listening Materials for Worksheets
  • Jolly Phonics Stories
  • Reading Games for Preschoolers


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