Pre-Nursery, Kindergarten & Primary School Admission Training

We provide a series of courses catering for the various needs of children at different developmental stages.

Pre-Nursery, Kindergarten & Primary School Admission Training
(A Comprehensive Admission Package for Aspiring Students: Get Into the Best Kindergartens & Primary Schools)

Peterhouse offers an all-inclusive admission package, complete with an initial assessment to observe your child based on his or her interactions. Our consultants will then make suggestions and recommendations as to which schools would be most suitable for your child. Furthermore, targets and goals will be discussed, as well as the identification of areas that your child can excel in.


Another important, yet commonly overlooked aspect of pre-school, kindergarten, and primary admissions is the parent interview section. It is common to expect that the school will interview parents to provide a more comprehensive picture of the interviewee’s family. In Peterhouse’s comprehensive admission training programme, parent training is an integrated part of our all-inclusive system.


Our successful cases include various students at top kindergartens and primary schools. We help our parents understand their children’s abilities and highlight their strengths and potential to excel. Here is a list of our achievements to-date:






Extensive Network
Peterhouse’s school network and relationship is strong and extensive. We frequently invite esteemed guests, principals, top educators and child healthcare experts from The Adventist Hospital (Peterhouse’s Official Strategic Health Partner) to share their tips and advice, exclusive to our parents and friends. This ensures that our institution is constantly up to date with the latest information related to education and admissions.


We provide Oxbridge support for our dedicated clients. Our in-house child experts composed of a strategically designed team from the top universities in the world. This allows us to focus on long term goals by carefully planning a clear and achievable path ahead, coinciding with individuals who have already ventured and succeeded on such a journey.


Pre-Nursery Admission Training


K1 Admission Training


Primary Admission Training


A Joyful Environment

Peterhouse International Preschool aims at creating a joyful environment for learning and development for not only the children but also the parents. With a professional team of child development experts and educators backed up by an experienced psychologist, we provide a series of courses catering for the various needs of children at different developmental stages. We are proud and excited to partner with and support all parents dedicated to the healthy development of children in exploring and developing their fullest potentials.


The Success of Admission

No doubt babies have the most impressive growth rate. Just a blink of the eyes and they are all going to kindergarten. As parents try hard to find the best school for their children, the performance of the child at the interview will pay a huge part of the success of admission.


Well-organized Curriculum

Being the expert in Kindergarten interview, we have designed a well-organized curriculum for the class which has a different theme for each week. Through special thematic classes, various group activities, singing, general cognition and more, to help children building up self-confidence, logic and language skills. Focus on discipline, sharing and communication skills with others. They will learn how to share among others, the necessary good manners and skills.


Being Well Prepared for the Best Nurseries and Kindergarten

Your child will be well prepared for admission interviews for the best nurseries and kindergartens in Hong Kong.


Interview Class Content

  • Cognitive Training – Words, Objects, Numbers, Counting, Colour, Shapes, Matching and Fine Motor Skills
  • Daily Living Knowledge
  • Carry Out Simple Instructions
  • Simple command
  • Conversational Dialogue
  • Independence Training
  • Disciplinary Training



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