i-Cable x Peterhouse Filming Session!

On June 8th 2017, i-Cable paid a visit to Peterhouse International Preschool for a morning of filming! We are so thankful for our lovely Peterhouse parents willing to bring their brilliant children in and be superstars for the day!

Parents and students underwent a morning of sensory activities, including brick-building, story time, and group play to name a few. It was a brilliant opportunity for our students to practice their school interview skills, and experience what it’s like to “perform” in similar situations. Everyone had fun, and our students did an absolutely brilliant job – we were so proud!

We would also like to thank i-Cable for this opportunity to show the people of Hong Kong what we at Peterhouse are truly passionate about – the development of young minds, gifted potential, and nurturing young students.

So turn on your television sets, sit back, and enjoy Norton House Education‘s very own segment, set to be aired on July 21st at 10PM on channel 77! Peterhouse’s episode is coming up in August, so stay tuned for that!



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