Peterhouse x Adidas 2017!

Peterhouse’s joy when it comes to Mother’s Day was shared at the official Adidas corporate event in 2017. With an exclusive invitation to attend, the Peterhouse Academic Team participated in, and hosted a lot of fun activities with the Adidas staff and their lovely children!


Peterhouse preschool kindergarten adidas hong kong


We would like to thank Adidas Hong Kong for the invitation, and we hope all attendees had as much fun as we did! A key component of Peterhouse’s approach when it comes to educating young learners is to place an emphasis on utilising the child’s senses, such as “touch”, “sight”, etc., while simultaneously inducing a creative atmosphere and learning style. By doing so, children will be more engaged and encouraged to embrace their expressive sides.

To give guests an experience of this on Adidas’s Family Day, stations were set up with various arts & crafts supplies – giving parents and their kids everything they need to go crazy with creativity! Scissors (with adult supervision of course), glue, foam boards – as seen in the picture below, colour pencils, pens, glitter, everything!


Peterhouse preschool adidas family day hong kong

With the help of our sister company, Norton House Education, the day was a huge success! So many frames were designed, we struggled to keep up! We hope everyone enjoyed both making their new creations in addition to using them at home to display their pictures. Enjoy some images we took from the day, we can’t wait to do this again next year!

Peterhouse Adidas family day hong kong preschool

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