Peterhouse’s Open Day 2017

For Peterhouse’s Open Day celebration, parents and children got to experience admission fun for the whole family! We would like to thank everyone for coming, and we hope you all had fun and learnt some valuable lessons from our Admission Coaching Team. The day was full of interactive activities, including group assessments, trial classes for playgroup, and our new “Art Expression” workshop!


peterhouse preschool open day


Prospective pupils had the chance to participate in group assessments with other children, and the Peterhouse Admission Coaches were able to pinpoint areas of improvement and strengths. Parents were also advised as to how they could enhance their child’s learning and development, as well as how they themselves could facilitate the admission process.

Trial classes for Peterhouse’s playgroup sessions were also arranged, and gave guests an idea of what to expect during a typical classroom experience. A dynamic environment was established, and students were encouraged to actively participate. Some of the typical classroom exercises and materials were utilised for this section of the event, such as flashcards, matching activities, and story time to name a few!

In Peterhouse’s newly introduced “Art Expression”, families were able to engage in arts and crafts activities with their loved ones. The workshop was held by Ms. Margaret Chung, a Fine Arts graduate from the University of Oxford, carefully guiding parents and children when it came to making their own masterpieces. A strong philosophy upheld here at Peterhouse is the idea of whole person development, and encouraging students to develop their fine motor skills from a young age – exactly what our “Art Expression” and trial playgroup sessions aimed to achieve at our open day.


peterhouse open day art family workshop


We can’t wait for our next open day, where families will be able to experience these popular in-house workshops! You can always count on Peterhouse to bring you the latest tips and news when it comes to kindergarten and primary school admissions in Hong Kong. Feel free to e-mail as us, call 3955 8045, or WhatsApp 6381 3885 for more information!

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